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Our Mission

We are on a mission to empower the youth to find meaning in what they do at work by cultivating a sense of purpose, while nurturing their strengths, and helping them align their passion and purpose with the corporate vision.

Our Programmes

  • Futurity™

    5Ps Futures Programme, London


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    To meet the evolving needs of our young workforce and support the development of flexible, growth-minded people, we are creating a learning framework that provides the capability, opportunity, and motivation to do things differently.

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  • Back to the Future

    A Reverse Mentoring Framework

    Back to the Future

    A Reverse Mentoring Framework

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  • Poise

    Psychometric Profiling


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    Psychometric Profiling

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  • The Pioneer's Lab

    An Intensive Concept To Reality Innovation Programme


    The Pioneer's Lab

    An Intensive Concept To Reality Innovation Programme

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My Story

Working with managers and leaders, I have observed how norms set for future generations make a difference on how the working youth experience leadership and authority while in their early years at work.

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Guiding Principals

  • Exercise Loving Kindness

    Deliberately practice the cultivation of positive emotions towards yourself and others. A technique that has been shown to promote mental and physical well-being, leading to positive changes in your brain and nervous system, improving your emotional regulation and resilience.

  • Strive For Growth and Grow Together

    Continuously seek out challenges, embrace learning opportunities, nurture, and guide all those around you. Your personal growth is interdependent with the growth of others and your progress is amplified through your collective efforts.

  • Find Your Ikigai

    Discover your unique purpose in life. Explore your passions and values and align them to whatever it is you’re doing in your personal and professional life. Experience that deep sense of meaning and let that be the foundation for living a fulfilling and purposeful existence.

  • Awaken The Fires Within

    Unleash the inner potential and power that lies within you by tapping into your strengths and igniting a burning desire to achieve your aspirations. Fuel your determination and overcome obstacles with sheer resilience.

  • Fight Familiarisation and Seek Fresh Experiences

    Break away from your comfort zone and openly explore new opportunities. Resist the temptation to fall into a routine and proactively stimulate your mind and body. This mindset will deepen your creativity, enhance your curiosity, and discover a new version of you that you didn’t know existed.

Our Products

  • Diagnostics


    We understand the importance of thorough diagnostics when assessing your requirements. Our approach goes beyond surface-level analysis and delves deep into the core of your organisation by gaining a holistic understanding of your requirements, your current focus areas, and future plans. Through interviews, roundtable discussions, insights into youth perspectives, and readiness for the future of work, we are able to determine an extremely personalised approach to how we work together that is relevant and actionable.

  • Advisory


    Rooted in designing, developing, and implementing offerings that are specifically tailored to your unique needs and challenges. Leveraging the insights gathered from our comprehensive diagnostics to cocreate hyper personalised approaches that align with your objectives and the expectations and aspirations of your working youth. Development, Mentoring, Performance Management, Culture Change are some of our solutions to address and prepare for the Future of Work.

  • Behavioural Change Programmes

    Behavioural Change Programmes

    Through our four focused offerings, our objective is to educate the youth on understanding long-term career aspirations through goal setting, job crafting, adaptability, and resilience while aligning with your corporate vision. Our Futurity™ Programme, draws upon the empirically supported principals of positive psychology and cognitive science to cultivate a deep sense of purpose, while nurturing strengths. Back To the Future is a Five-Step Methodology to integrate Reverse Mentoring into your company. EVOLVE is a Three-Month Mini Graduate Programme, designed and developed tailored to your organisation with POISE, Panthea’s ground breaking measure of the key psychogenic drivers of potential, and The Pioneers Lab is an Ideation Methodology aligned to your company strategy and future ambitions.

  • Psychometrics


    Welcome to POISE, Panthea’s ground breaking measure of the key psychogenic drivers of potential. Uniquely positioned to decode the complexities of individual strengths, motivations, and personality traits across a spectrum of fifteen scales carefully organised into the four distinctive groups, this integrated approach is an essential element of our Futurity Programme, providing a comprehensive understanding of individuals' characteristics and potential, ultimately guiding them on a path to Propel.

Meet our Advisory Board

Creating sustainable value and leveraging on shared guidance from world leading experts who advocate youth empowerment and aspire to see an alternative future outcome.

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