Our Story

Our Story

We are all aware that the workplace is changing, as are our young employees’ expectations, needs, hopes and dreams. Having worked in youth development, inclusion and HR in the Middle East for over 15 years, at Panthea, we have deep experience and insight into how and why this is happening. While multiple factors are involved, two of the most significant include the considerable disconnect between the aspiration and values of individuals leaving education and entering the workforce and the generational gap between them and detached middle managers.

The rising workforce should feel capable and motivated throughout the transition from education to career, leaving them excited and engaged for the future and ready to embrace new opportunities. The division between leaders, middle managers, and youth must no longer be one of disconnect but of hope and togetherness, where restoring balance creates symbiosis and flourishing is a shared narrative.

Where there is discord, inconsistency, and lack of unity, it is possible to restore equilibrium and connection.

We have an opportunity to remedy these challenges; to reflect on how we shape the lives of aspiring professionals now – and those to come – by replacing discord and misalignment with community, transcendence, and purpose.

When youth undergo one of Panthea's programmes and become part of our alumni, they will then go on to embed that cognitive, psychological, and business awareness into their organisation and their lives.

Panthea combines the science of learning with the art of teaching – it’s a collaboration between science, psychology, and business experts, offering a journey that has been co-created for a higher purpose that will lead to accredited Pantheans flourishing in the workplace and beyond. Learning will be experiential, based on the latest cognitive and learning science research, including gamified, practical engagement techniques that drive conceptual understanding, evaluation, and implementation of new skills and knowledge.

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At Panthea, we drive positive change, foster well-being, promote equity, and deliver inclusion and opportunity. We enable employees to discover their fundamental reason for being by combining their passion, what they love, their vocation, what they are good at, their mission, what the world needs, and their professional lives.

Those joining the Panthea journey will learn the latest psychological theories and adopt evidence-based practices and skills from humanistic and positive psychology to become their best, most-empowered selves. Science will guide learning and promote a spirit of growth that awakens the fire within them and their organisation. Enlightened work practices and leadership will foster intrinsically motivated, inclusive, innovative staff – continuing when they leave work.

We are creating this framework because the challenges ahead require agile, growth-minded professionals who feel energised and engaged in their career direction, ready to transform their roles and companies. The next wave of innovators will be offered a glimpse into the future with our carefully crafted programmes, designed to nurture an inclusive attitude, instil the fundamentals of being an enlightened leader, and provide a North Star for fulfilment.

Our aim is that the Panthea story will become the employees’ lifelong learning journey, crafting new behaviours, abilities, and responsibilities and offering a radically new way of thinking about the workplace so that the future of work becomes a place of wonder and awe.

We will lead mindfully and authentically towards a united outcome, empowering individuals and leaders at all levels to embrace a true learning mentality, by driving meaningful change and championing a culture of transcendence, informed by the best available science-based practices.



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