Discovering Your Purpose at Work and Changing Things Up

5th September 2023 • Maryam Saif

In our journey through life, a significant portion of our time is spent at our workplaces. Thus, the profound importance of uncovering one's purpose in the realm of work and the transformative effects it can wield upon both our accomplishments and well-being holds a deep resonance for us at Panthea.

Purpose, the guiding light that imbues our actions and endeavours with profound meaning, surpasses job titles and the routines of each day. It embodies a compass of direction, a furnace of passion, and a harmonious alignment with our personal principles. To recognise one's purpose at work involves delving beyond the realms of monetary gains, seeking instead a sense of contribution and gratification that stretches far beyond the confines of financial rewards. It is an acknowledgment that our endeavours serve a grander cause, harmonising profoundly with our inner values and aspirations.

The journey towards unravelling our work-related purpose starts with introspection. Dedicate time to reflect upon your strengths, passions, and core values. What activities propel you into a state of flow? Are your actions infused with significance, aligning with the overarching vision of your organisation? This foundational self-awareness paves the way for synchronising your career trajectory with your genuine self. Remarkably, purpose thrives at the intersection of passion and skills. Pinpointing your passions provides an effective compass that steers you towards a career path that resonates deeply within you. Therefore, by understanding your strengths, deriving meaning from your work, and harnessing those strengths while pursuing your passions, an intricate tapestry of purpose begins to develop.

However, the quest for purpose is only the initial chapter. Believing that your efforts ripple out as positive influences upon your surroundings, whether through team collaboration or supporting your organisation, elevates the inherent value of your work. Hence, aligning your aspirations with the strategic goals of your company bestows a sense of fulfilment. Embarking on this purpose-driven expedition necessitates evolution, adaptation, and an embrace of change. It is up to you to cultivate a mindset of growth, to acquire fresh skills setting you apart, and to overcome setbacks through unwavering determination. As a young employee, navigating these intricate waters while aspiring to excel isn't devoid of challenges; yet its significance cannot be overstated.

The complexities of navigating organisational dynamics are definitely complex. Yet, once you've succeeded in shaping your work-centric purpose, the mantle of responsibility now rests upon you to disrupt the status quo. You have the capacity to construct an environment wherein transparent communication becomes the norm, colleagues are spurred by mutual respect, and a collective zeal is ignited to realise a broader mission.  Isn't it time to bring about that change, at your work?

How do you go about fostering positive change within your company though?

Here are our tips on how to cultivate change, within:

Understand the Landscape: Before instigating change, thoroughly grasp the existing dynamics and culture within your organisation. Recognise both the strengths and areas that require improvement. This will help you identify where innovation and disruption are most needed.

Identify Pain Points: Pinpoint the pain points or inefficiencies that hinder progress. These are the areas where your efforts can create the most impact. By addressing real challenges, you'll gain credibility and support from colleagues and superiors alike.

What’s Your Vision? Develop a clear and compelling vision for the change you wish to bring about. Communicate this vision with passion and conviction, illustrating how it aligns with the organisation's objectives and benefits everyone involved.

Build Allies: Seek like-minded individuals who share your vision for positive change. Collaborate with colleagues who are equally motivated to disrupt the status quo and foster a sense of camaraderie among those who are invested in transformation.

Start Small: Begin with manageable, achievable initiatives that demonstrate tangible results. Success stories, no matter how modest, build momentum and credibility, making it easier to rally support for larger-scale changes later on.

Data-Driven Approach: Collect data and evidence that supports the need for change. Utilise metrics and case studies to back up your proposals and to showcase the potential positive outcomes of the changes you're advocating for.

Innovative Solutions: Generate innovative ideas that challenge conventional wisdom. Explore ways to improve processes, streamline workflows, and enhance collaboration. Boldly propose ideas that can reshape the way things are done.

Engage Stakeholders: Involve key stakeholders in discussions about change. Solicit their input, listen to their concerns, and incorporate their perspectives into your plans. Involving others fosters a sense of ownership and a collective commitment to change.

Communication is Key: Maintain transparent and open lines of communication throughout the process. Regularly update colleagues and superiors on your progress, challenges, and the overall impact of the changes you're driving.

Adapt and Iterate: Be prepared to adapt your approach based on feedback and evolving circumstances. Not all changes will unfold as planned, so be flexible and open to refining your strategies.

Lead by Example: Demonstrate the behaviours and attitudes you wish to see in others. Model the values and actions that embody the positive change you're advocating for.

Patience and Persistence: Disrupting the status quo can be met with resistance and setbacks. Maintain patience and persistence and continue pushing forward with determination and resilience. Don't give up.

Leave your legacy of purpose, progress and innovation.



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