A North Star for Young Employees?

1st March 2023 • Dr. Jeremy Sutton

As managers of the young workforce, it's essential to understand the challenges this generation face in the workplace. According to a recent Harvard Business Review article, young employees are looking for a sense of purpose and belonging in their jobs and the opportunity to positively impact the world.

At Panthea, we understand the importance of supporting the development and well-being of the young workforce, that's why we've created a training programme called Futurity, specifically designed to meet the evolving needs of this generation.

Futurity is a five-day programme that helps young employees explore the 5Ps learning framework: Purpose, Presence, Power, Play, and Propel. During this programme, participants will discover their fundamental reason for being and establish a North Star that fuels their passions, uncovers their strengths, and readies them to embrace future challenges.


Our approach is backed by positive psychology and cognitive science, which have been shown to dramatically increase our knowledge of the human mind, while helping employees flourish into their best, most-empowered selves. By focusing on our young workforce's strengths and positive emotions, we can help them awaken the fires within, recognise growth opportunities, and understand what it means to live fulfilling lives while remaining connected and compassionate to others and their environment.

One of the key benefits of positive psychology is that it encourages more fulfilling, meaningful lives, fostering well-being in the individual through identifying and cultivating virtues and strengths, boosting positive emotions, increasing engagement, improving relationships, and recognising successes.

We believe that by stimulating the factors that allow employees and organisations to thrive, we promote optimal functioning and well-being as individuals and act as catalysts for positive change. Futurity is designed to create a path towards meaningful and valued living; to provide the capability, opportunity, and motivation to do things differently and propel young employees toward the impossible, or more truthfully, what was once considered beyond limits.

As managers, it's essential to understand the next generation and provide them with the support and resources they need to grow and flourish in the workplace and beyond. The Futurity training programme Panthea offers will help your young workforce discover their deeper meaning, feel empowered by their strengths, and create value for their organisation so that the future of work becomes a place of wonder and awe.



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